Monday, October 11, 2010

is school over yet?

It's been awhile since I posted on here. It's like my diary, although my last entry was like a year ago...i think...idk, heh, but anyways, update on my life, California is getting rather old. I'm taking 5 courses right now. and midterms are comin up. I really need to buckle down. A couple of my courses have 4 exams to them, however the kewl thing is, if I do well on the first 3, i dont have to come in for the final. I need to catch up on some first midterm is this Thursday for Brain and Behavior....that class is so frickin boring, I keep falling asleep. it also doesnt help the fact that it's at 8 in the damn Gah. fml.
Anyways, things are going well with my boyfriend and i, can't wait to see him over winter break...i found him a christmas present already but I'm hoping the price will go down because it's rather pricey right now...but if the price doesn't go down i'll prolly end up buying it anyways cuz i'm pretty sure he'll like it. :P.

I live with 4 other girls in my apartment. one of which share a room with me, the other 3 have their own room. but one of the girls drives us all nuts for her lack of common sense...hopefully she'll get a clue or we're going to have problems.

This past friday was a blast. I went to a really nice restaurant with my friends and then went to a bar. it was awesome. when you spend your time with the right people, you end up having the best of time. I had a mojito and i got fricken tipsyyyyy lol, and thing was i looked completely drunk because I had taken off one of my shoes because I had a blister on one of my toes and it was rubbing against shoe, so I was hopping on one foot. and i looked drunk...but i really wasn't i i promised ryan that i wouldn't get drunk unless he was there. but heres the thing, i felt a lil crummy when i got home, so if i feel that crummy after being just tipsy i'm not sure if i want to get but regardless that night was a lot of fun, and shall be repeated after midterms.
but anyways i shall get off here and attempt to listen to lecture
l8er dayz!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

fun shtuff

1) Had a dream last night that my friends and I created a movie that actually hit the theaters...a friend of mine i knew from middle school, a girl i knew in highschool and a couple of other girls ive never met before. the way the dream played out i was watching "our movie" in theaters with the girls...sort of like a premier....i played a girl name Nikki or lil nikki...a tough girl (haha) a girl who didnt take shit from no one. there were 3 scenes in which i remember clearly...the beginning credits, a beginning scene where a girl (not me) just had a baby and every one gathered around the crib and one girl said..."now what?" scene (not sure what happened to the baby) but the girls and i headed to the bar...leather jackets, sunglasses, and ripped jeans...(haha)...some guy was hitting on a friend of mine and i threw him into the wall....(haha)...
yes i know, i clearly have a huge imagination because my brain keeps makin up these scenarios for me...but for reals, if there really was a movie like that...sign me up! haha

2) So i was working out tonight for an hour (i have a new obsession mind you, its called the Leg Press... :P) but anyways i was on a treadmill for abt 30min, burned 200 calories, ran 2 miles...i was a lil concerned when the first mile i wasn't sweating so i ran another one....LOL...but anyways an asian couple walks in the girl takes the elliptical the guy takes the other treadmill....he was on there for a good...10minutes then stopped...then did some pushups and i gotta say...the dude was grunting. i mean for reals?! every push there was a grunt....he did like 5....i can do 5 without grunting...does that mean it's too easy for me? but anyways....the total time they were there took 20minutes...i was there for an hour....quite the workout there! round of jk but seriously...
and then 3 other guys came in...2 black guys one white guy while i was doing leg presses, felt a lil weird but since i already did an hour worth of working out i took my leave...haha

hope u enjoyed my stories! i'll be sure to post more as my summer progresses!

Monday, February 22, 2010

" are you down, down, down, down..."

So i'm typing this while i'm waiting for class to start. I got a quiz in this class i should review huh...oh i got 4 papers to do, 1 of which is nearly done i only need 2 more pages and i'm good to go. the last page will be the conclusion. so ive got two 5-8 paged papers, one 3 paged paper and the last one is 3 paragraphs....haha, ive decided to get the longer papers out of the way. i should've gotten both papers done this past weekend but i woke up saturday morning feeling like crap and i stared at my paper prompt for 15minutes and then put in Will & Grace into the DVD drive. so no, saturday i got nothing done. sunday, I worked on the one paper, didn't take me that long to get 4/6th out of the way. i'll start my next 5paged paper later today.
so this spring Im taking only 13credits....i'm so used to taking 16credits...idk what i'm going to do with all my extra yea taking my damn math class, an upperdivision psych class and an easy peasy Computer Science class called: Intro. to Computing...which is essentially learning abt Microsoft programs...HAHAHAHAHA, i had to fill my schedule somehow, so why not something competely ridiculous? the only downside is that this class is on the other side of campus and i gotta walk all the way to the other side for my psych class with only 10min in between...i think i shall invest in rollerblades or something? lol
mehh i dont like writing papers, but i would take papers over exams any day. thats the only thing i miss abt the 'bein. most of the time i only had papers to turn in on exam day, and with otterbein there were only 4 main buildings that i had to go for classes...towers, roush, library, art building...compared to UCR's...Stat's building, psych building, 2 libraries, sproul hall, hinderacker, olmsted hall, engineering building, bourns hall etc etc bahhhhh,
oh well 4 more quarters to go and then i'll be freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! so lets PARTYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! lol

5 weeks till spring break...well 4 weeks of actual classes and 1 week of finals...w00t, how exciting. if we haven't already made plans, lets make sum!

okay review time
l8er dayz

Sunday, February 7, 2010

It's already February

Just a couple weeks ago a lot of drama went down. And no, none of it came from me or Ryan. But it came from 2 other people. One of which was a former friend of mine I met at Otterbein. He was the kind of guy that knew how to press your buttons, and kept pressing them till you got irritated. And he even admitted that he enjoyed making me annoyed and such. He also admitted that it was fun to annoy Ryan, which everyone knows is a big mistake. Talking to him was off and on, until i stopped talking to him completely. Nearly a year ago, he gave me some false information that would make Ryan look bad, and me turned against him...granted, Ryan and I weren't on talking terms at that point, however, months later when we finally did start talking again, I found out the truth. I never confronted the guy about his actions because I just didn't care and don't care anymore. Anyone who makes shit up to make another person look bad isn't worth my time. Unfortunately I didn't realize that till this past December, which was when I stopped talking to him..up until 2weeks ago. he's been in Afghanistan for months, and then he comes back and decides to start shit with Ryan, which I got pissed off at. It got so incredibly ridiculous that he went to Ryan's work and stalked him. And i was pissed beyond belief. I almost ran out of the classroom i was in to bitch that lil fucker out. At this point if he wants to start something again, he will see the wrath of Caroline. and NO one has seen my wrath other than those who know me up in Cleveland. I do not tolerate such low actions. and FYI, if he's not afraid of Ryan like he says he is, why can't he walk up to him and confront him like a man?
and the other person to start drama I dont even want to get into.

but I will say this, I plan on living and being with Ryan for the rest of my life, so if ANYONE has a problem with him, you have 2 choices, u can either leave him and me the hell alone OR deal with my wrath. Either choice is fine by me, but for your sake, i advise you to choose wisely.

I can not wait for Next Year :)
"Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth: for thy love is better than wine."
Song of Solomon 1:2

Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Life be Like...

It's nearly 9pm here in California and I'm watching Little Mermaid 2....don't ask i'm bored. lol I can't help but think of my life after graduation. And as Winter quarter reaches it's mid term, it begins to hit me that I'm drawing nearer to the end of this year. Sadly no I will not be graduating on time as the Californian Transfer Systems fails me. There are courses that i have taken at Otterbein college that should have transferred over but will not, because it's not "equivalent" enough. Even though with hard copies from my past syllabi showing that it is quite similar to the the syllabi of current courses here, it is not enough. Because California is going bankrupt, the schools have been making cuts like you wouldn't believe, and they are ripping off transfer students to take courses they don't need to gain the money that they don't have. Is this fair? Absolutely not! and I will not stand for it. I do not care what UCR says, I will give them Hell if I don't get these courses transferred over.
With Summer term, counting as one quarter I have 4 more quarters till I am able to graduate, and be free of college life forever. And it will be amazing. I can honestly say that I'm excited to start paying To be on my own, no rules to follow, no curfew to have, do what I want, when I want, and finally be able to extend my wings as far as they'll go, and fly!

So the past several days I've spent my time doodling, which kinda makes me miss my time at Otterbein. Heh, i've been putting up my lil doodles on my wall so that they don't look so bare. ::yawn::
not much else to write about, my life has been somewhat boring...I also still have a sore throat. It rained for 5 days straight here and standing out in the rain waiting for the trolley to get there and the umbrella doesn't work because the rain came at you at an angle so by the end of the day, you looked like u just went swimming with your clothes on, tends to make u a lil fun? i think not.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Seriously? SERIOUSLY?

I'm not sure how much of this i can take. So here is my vent for the day:
1. I hate school
2. My roommate in which i share a room with is impossible to wake up so i gave up trying.
I dont mind it if my roomies bring their friends over to hangout, but if they're laughing and being loud, it irritates me, especially if i'm trying to study, or read. I still can't get over on how i see asians with asians only and everybody else in another group. What is so wrong with hanging out with different nationalities. When I was that one birthday dinner, my roomie asked if I thought any of the guys at the table were cute. i told her, that i wasnt attracted to koreans, and plus i was already taken. and then my roomie's friend asked "oh really? thats kewl" and my roomie says to her friend "oh yea, he's a white boy" and i wanted to snap. but i kept my tongue because i didnt want to bring down the birthday. but the term "White Boy", it depends on the context and the tone of the person saying it, it can sound racist. and thats exactly the way it sounded coming from her mouth. I'm sticking it out for now, but i guarantee that there will be a day where i just snap.
I dont care what any of these koreans say, i will never give a korean boy a chance had i not met my Boi. I adore my boyfriend, American and all.

3. This afternoon i encountered a mean ass lady. here's the story:
She had to get to this Church in Harlington. So she was at the bus stop where I normally go to get to school. There was also a black guy who was mid-late 20s. The lady saw me coming and said "Does this bus go to Harlington?" I had my earphones in cuz i was listening to my ipod so i couldn't hear her very well. so I took one of my earphone out and said "what?" and the lady repeated but she yelled it "DOES THIS BUS GO TO HARLINGTON" i wanted to bitch and say 'bitch my earphone is not in why the fuck are u yelling?' I'm not from this area, shit i'm from Ohio, I dont know my way around, I just know how to get to school and to the grocery. so i told "idk" but she kept asking i'm like "I'm not from here so i wouldnt know" i could tell she wasn't satisfied with the answer she was given, so she was silent for a few minutes. i thought she was done talking so i put my earphone back in. no sooner did i put it in, did the lady say somethin else to me so again i took out my earphone and said "what?" and she lady yelled "DO YOU GO TO CHURCH?!" again i wanted to say 'bitch my earphone is not in why the fuck are u yelling?' but i responded politely and said "no i dont" and the lady asked "do strangers lie to you?" and i'm like "idk" i mean seriously. its a stranger, i dont trust them so how would i know they're lying to me? they could be telling me the truth but since i dont trust them, so for all i know they could be lying.
Finally the trolley comes, and the lady gets up and cuts in front of me and this black guy, and she's asking the driver "i need to get to harlington!" and the driver tells her she needs to go to the bus stop thats across the street. and the lady has a fit. and starts swearing and saying "they fuckin lied to me, are u fucking kidding me" 'they' i'm assuming is referring to me and the black guy. well i said i didnt know and that was the truth. so the lady leaves muttering and swearing to herself. and the black guy and i finally get on. the black guy sits in the seat infront of me and i'm like "what a fuckin bitch" and he's like "omg i know, i was standing there for 20 damn minutes and listening to her bitch, ur lucky u only spent a few minutes standing there" i'm like "church my ass. she's goin straight to hell" and the guy just laughed. all in all i wanted to kick that lady in the face. lol

welp there's my

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Home – noun

1. * a house, apartment, or other shelter that is the usual residence of a person, family, or household.

2. * the place in which one's domestic affections are centered.

I grew up in a small city in Northern Ohio; to me it's so small that if you drive a few minutes you're already in a different city. Where I'm from, if you did something once, you've basically done it all. It was fun, it was where I grew up. Great adventures with friends that I will never forget, and will always continue to have (you know who you are). Fall of '06, I entered the college life at Otterbein College. Ive visited other schools but I had this connection at Otterbein. It might've been the size of the school, or it might've been the the teacher interaction that made me feel like I belonged. I gave up a $60,000 scholarship to an Art School and it was worth it every second I spent at Otterbein. I loved the Art department, the friends I had made there, the teachers that I had, I will never forget, they made my life so much better. I transferred to Wittenberg for the purpose of a better education in Psychology, it was nice. It felt just like Otterbein. I then transferred to California with the purpose of more opportunities. But as i spent hours to days to weeks, I realized that this wasn't home. I could never call California home, and for the first time in my life I'm homesick.

The main reason:

Spring of '07: The Hottie at the Back of the Room

Boy did I ever blush. I hadn't had that big of a crush since middle school. I told my friend Lindsey first abt him. And i still remember that conversation as clear as day. I'm pretty sure I saved the IM too, i just dont know where it is at the moment but it went something like this:

I told lindsey that I had a crush on someone in the art dept. and she got all crazy excited. I wouldnt tell her right away who it was so I let her guess. It was narrowed down to a few guys till we reached:

"RYAN!" lindsey

"haha yesss" me

And I kept thinking 'he's probably taken....a guy who looks like that is never single' I did, what all the other ppl were doing...I facebook-stalked. And I was right, at that time he was taken, and boy was I ever bummed, but I saw it coming. It was probably abt a week later after I facebook-stalked him did I get a friend request, and I was excited. Of course I confirmed are you kidding?! When I looked at this info, his relationship status was changed to 'single' and my first thought was "Huh?" but almost immediately after questioning, i thought 'heh heh, turn on the magic, let's see what i can do' welp, we started talking; his first comment to me was "how the hell do you play DDR sitting on your ass" and its been history ever since.

God know's we've had our ups and downs, but despite our differences, it's worked out in the end. I wasn't homesick from my Northern Ohio home. No, I was homesick from Ryan's home. Ive spent so many days, so many hours, ate so much food, in that house that I felt like i was home. I miss it, and I know that one day I'll be back there again. The town Westerville was pretty much like home. It might've been the same size as Westlake, but I found there was so much more to do in Westerville rather than Westlake. Whether it was bothering Ryan at work, or taking 1am adventures with my girls Alicia and Mindy.

I will be back in Westerville one way or another. I just want to graduate, and come home. Come home to him especially.

I stand to my saying "Always & Forever" till the day I die and forever afterwards.