Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Seriously? SERIOUSLY?

I'm not sure how much of this i can take. So here is my vent for the day:
1. I hate school
2. My roommate in which i share a room with is impossible to wake up so i gave up trying.
I dont mind it if my roomies bring their friends over to hangout, but if they're laughing and being loud, it irritates me, especially if i'm trying to study, or read. I still can't get over on how i see asians with asians only and everybody else in another group. What is so wrong with hanging out with different nationalities. When I was that one birthday dinner, my roomie asked if I thought any of the guys at the table were cute. i told her, that i wasnt attracted to koreans, and plus i was already taken. and then my roomie's friend asked "oh really? thats kewl" and my roomie says to her friend "oh yea, he's a white boy" and i wanted to snap. but i kept my tongue because i didnt want to bring down the birthday. but the term "White Boy", it depends on the context and the tone of the person saying it, it can sound racist. and thats exactly the way it sounded coming from her mouth. I'm sticking it out for now, but i guarantee that there will be a day where i just snap.
I dont care what any of these koreans say, i will never give a korean boy a chance had i not met my Boi. I adore my boyfriend, American and all.

3. This afternoon i encountered a mean ass lady. here's the story:
She had to get to this Church in Harlington. So she was at the bus stop where I normally go to get to school. There was also a black guy who was mid-late 20s. The lady saw me coming and said "Does this bus go to Harlington?" I had my earphones in cuz i was listening to my ipod so i couldn't hear her very well. so I took one of my earphone out and said "what?" and the lady repeated but she yelled it "DOES THIS BUS GO TO HARLINGTON" i wanted to bitch and say 'bitch my earphone is not in why the fuck are u yelling?' I'm not from this area, shit i'm from Ohio, I dont know my way around, I just know how to get to school and to the grocery. so i told "idk" but she kept asking i'm like "I'm not from here so i wouldnt know" i could tell she wasn't satisfied with the answer she was given, so she was silent for a few minutes. i thought she was done talking so i put my earphone back in. no sooner did i put it in, did the lady say somethin else to me so again i took out my earphone and said "what?" and she lady yelled "DO YOU GO TO CHURCH?!" again i wanted to say 'bitch my earphone is not in why the fuck are u yelling?' but i responded politely and said "no i dont" and the lady asked "do strangers lie to you?" and i'm like "idk" i mean seriously. its a stranger, i dont trust them so how would i know they're lying to me? they could be telling me the truth but since i dont trust them, so for all i know they could be lying.
Finally the trolley comes, and the lady gets up and cuts in front of me and this black guy, and she's asking the driver "i need to get to harlington!" and the driver tells her she needs to go to the bus stop thats across the street. and the lady has a fit. and starts swearing and saying "they fuckin lied to me, are u fucking kidding me" 'they' i'm assuming is referring to me and the black guy. well i said i didnt know and that was the truth. so the lady leaves muttering and swearing to herself. and the black guy and i finally get on. the black guy sits in the seat infront of me and i'm like "what a fuckin bitch" and he's like "omg i know, i was standing there for 20 damn minutes and listening to her bitch, ur lucky u only spent a few minutes standing there" i'm like "church my ass. she's goin straight to hell" and the guy just laughed. all in all i wanted to kick that lady in the face. lol

welp there's my