Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Life be Like...

It's nearly 9pm here in California and I'm watching Little Mermaid 2....don't ask i'm bored. lol I can't help but think of my life after graduation. And as Winter quarter reaches it's mid term, it begins to hit me that I'm drawing nearer to the end of this year. Sadly no I will not be graduating on time as the Californian Transfer Systems fails me. There are courses that i have taken at Otterbein college that should have transferred over but will not, because it's not "equivalent" enough. Even though with hard copies from my past syllabi showing that it is quite similar to the the syllabi of current courses here, it is not enough. Because California is going bankrupt, the schools have been making cuts like you wouldn't believe, and they are ripping off transfer students to take courses they don't need to gain the money that they don't have. Is this fair? Absolutely not! and I will not stand for it. I do not care what UCR says, I will give them Hell if I don't get these courses transferred over.
With Summer term, counting as one quarter I have 4 more quarters till I am able to graduate, and be free of college life forever. And it will be amazing. I can honestly say that I'm excited to start paying To be on my own, no rules to follow, no curfew to have, do what I want, when I want, and finally be able to extend my wings as far as they'll go, and fly!

So the past several days I've spent my time doodling, which kinda makes me miss my time at Otterbein. Heh, i've been putting up my lil doodles on my wall so that they don't look so bare. ::yawn::
not much else to write about, my life has been somewhat boring...I also still have a sore throat. It rained for 5 days straight here and standing out in the rain waiting for the trolley to get there and the umbrella doesn't work because the rain came at you at an angle so by the end of the day, you looked like u just went swimming with your clothes on, tends to make u a lil fun? i think not.