Sunday, June 27, 2010

fun shtuff

1) Had a dream last night that my friends and I created a movie that actually hit the theaters...a friend of mine i knew from middle school, a girl i knew in highschool and a couple of other girls ive never met before. the way the dream played out i was watching "our movie" in theaters with the girls...sort of like a premier....i played a girl name Nikki or lil nikki...a tough girl (haha) a girl who didnt take shit from no one. there were 3 scenes in which i remember clearly...the beginning credits, a beginning scene where a girl (not me) just had a baby and every one gathered around the crib and one girl said..."now what?" scene (not sure what happened to the baby) but the girls and i headed to the bar...leather jackets, sunglasses, and ripped jeans...(haha)...some guy was hitting on a friend of mine and i threw him into the wall....(haha)...
yes i know, i clearly have a huge imagination because my brain keeps makin up these scenarios for me...but for reals, if there really was a movie like that...sign me up! haha

2) So i was working out tonight for an hour (i have a new obsession mind you, its called the Leg Press... :P) but anyways i was on a treadmill for abt 30min, burned 200 calories, ran 2 miles...i was a lil concerned when the first mile i wasn't sweating so i ran another one....LOL...but anyways an asian couple walks in the girl takes the elliptical the guy takes the other treadmill....he was on there for a good...10minutes then stopped...then did some pushups and i gotta say...the dude was grunting. i mean for reals?! every push there was a grunt....he did like 5....i can do 5 without grunting...does that mean it's too easy for me? but anyways....the total time they were there took 20minutes...i was there for an hour....quite the workout there! round of jk but seriously...
and then 3 other guys came in...2 black guys one white guy while i was doing leg presses, felt a lil weird but since i already did an hour worth of working out i took my leave...haha

hope u enjoyed my stories! i'll be sure to post more as my summer progresses!