Monday, October 11, 2010

is school over yet?

It's been awhile since I posted on here. It's like my diary, although my last entry was like a year ago...i think...idk, heh, but anyways, update on my life, California is getting rather old. I'm taking 5 courses right now. and midterms are comin up. I really need to buckle down. A couple of my courses have 4 exams to them, however the kewl thing is, if I do well on the first 3, i dont have to come in for the final. I need to catch up on some first midterm is this Thursday for Brain and Behavior....that class is so frickin boring, I keep falling asleep. it also doesnt help the fact that it's at 8 in the damn Gah. fml.
Anyways, things are going well with my boyfriend and i, can't wait to see him over winter break...i found him a christmas present already but I'm hoping the price will go down because it's rather pricey right now...but if the price doesn't go down i'll prolly end up buying it anyways cuz i'm pretty sure he'll like it. :P.

I live with 4 other girls in my apartment. one of which share a room with me, the other 3 have their own room. but one of the girls drives us all nuts for her lack of common sense...hopefully she'll get a clue or we're going to have problems.

This past friday was a blast. I went to a really nice restaurant with my friends and then went to a bar. it was awesome. when you spend your time with the right people, you end up having the best of time. I had a mojito and i got fricken tipsyyyyy lol, and thing was i looked completely drunk because I had taken off one of my shoes because I had a blister on one of my toes and it was rubbing against shoe, so I was hopping on one foot. and i looked drunk...but i really wasn't i i promised ryan that i wouldn't get drunk unless he was there. but heres the thing, i felt a lil crummy when i got home, so if i feel that crummy after being just tipsy i'm not sure if i want to get but regardless that night was a lot of fun, and shall be repeated after midterms.
but anyways i shall get off here and attempt to listen to lecture
l8er dayz!

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  1. Caroline you need to update this more lol