Sunday, February 7, 2010

It's already February

Just a couple weeks ago a lot of drama went down. And no, none of it came from me or Ryan. But it came from 2 other people. One of which was a former friend of mine I met at Otterbein. He was the kind of guy that knew how to press your buttons, and kept pressing them till you got irritated. And he even admitted that he enjoyed making me annoyed and such. He also admitted that it was fun to annoy Ryan, which everyone knows is a big mistake. Talking to him was off and on, until i stopped talking to him completely. Nearly a year ago, he gave me some false information that would make Ryan look bad, and me turned against him...granted, Ryan and I weren't on talking terms at that point, however, months later when we finally did start talking again, I found out the truth. I never confronted the guy about his actions because I just didn't care and don't care anymore. Anyone who makes shit up to make another person look bad isn't worth my time. Unfortunately I didn't realize that till this past December, which was when I stopped talking to him..up until 2weeks ago. he's been in Afghanistan for months, and then he comes back and decides to start shit with Ryan, which I got pissed off at. It got so incredibly ridiculous that he went to Ryan's work and stalked him. And i was pissed beyond belief. I almost ran out of the classroom i was in to bitch that lil fucker out. At this point if he wants to start something again, he will see the wrath of Caroline. and NO one has seen my wrath other than those who know me up in Cleveland. I do not tolerate such low actions. and FYI, if he's not afraid of Ryan like he says he is, why can't he walk up to him and confront him like a man?
and the other person to start drama I dont even want to get into.

but I will say this, I plan on living and being with Ryan for the rest of my life, so if ANYONE has a problem with him, you have 2 choices, u can either leave him and me the hell alone OR deal with my wrath. Either choice is fine by me, but for your sake, i advise you to choose wisely.

I can not wait for Next Year :)
"Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth: for thy love is better than wine."
Song of Solomon 1:2

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